February 19, 2024, 15:59

Despite the Polish protestors lifting their blockade at crossing points, traffic continues to flow across the border in both directions

Buses are still making their way towards Ukraine, with the Polish side permitting buses traveling from Ukraine into Poland, although the blockade is being staged.

Andrii Demchenko, Spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine made this statement during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Primarily, Polish farmers have obstructed truck traffic, pledging not to impede cars and buses. We’ve observed buses and cars crossing the border, both departing Ukraine and heading towards Poland. Thus, it’s inaccurate to say they are completely halting traffic. While we’ve seen circulated videos allegedly depicting obstruction of bus movement, it’s likely their presence along border routes is causing difficulty for specific vehicle categories navigating areas where Polish farmers are gathered,” explained Andrii Demchenko.

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