April 12, 2024, 16:14

Construction of National Military Memorial Cemetery poses no threat to Emerald Network – Environment Ministry

The territory allocated by the state for the National Military Memorial Cemetery is part of the Emerald Network, which is over 6,000 hectares. However, despite fears, the construction of the cemetery does not pose any threats to it.

Oleksandr Krasnolutskyi, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, made this statement during the discussion at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Based on what we saw in the project, the total area of the territory of the Emerald Network is 6,000 hectares, and the cemetery itself will be located on an area of 130 hectares, which means that no more than 10% of green vegetation will be cut down. This is an area of less than 13 hectares, where not all plants, but some of them, will be cut down and in certain territories. Therefore, it is clear that the affected area is less than 1%, so the territory of the Emerald Network is in no way influenced (by the cemetery construction – Ed.),” said the Deputy Minister.

He noted that the deforestation effect will also be kept under 10%.

“Indeed, the total area is 260 hectares, 130 hectares out of which is the actual area of the cemetery. Again, looking at the project, there will be less than 10% (of the trees – Ed.) affected in various locations. We can basically compare this to the maintenance cuts,” Oleksandr Krasnolutskyi explained.

As reported, the designated sites for the National Military Memorial Cemetery, as determined by the state, are situated within the Hatne territorial community of the Fastiv district, Kyiv region. These sites are in proximity to the village of Markhalivka and the Southern Cemetery (Vita Poshtova). The combined area spans over 265 hectares, with more than 120 hectares earmarked for burial grounds and essential infrastructure to facilitate dignified interments.

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