Prozorro.Sale CEO Sergii But, international conference "Forward and Upward: Reforming Ukraine during the War"
May 19, 2023, 19:23

Communities receive over UAH 1 billion from state e-auctions since start of full-scale war

Since the end of February 2022, more than UAH 3.3 billion has been provided to the budgets of various levels as a result of successful e-auctions for the privatization and leasing of real estate and land plots. Communities earned a third of this amount.

Prozorro.Sale CEO Sergii But made this statement during the international conference “Forward and Upward: Reforming Ukraine during the War” on May 19. He noted that during the war, electronic auctions in the state electronic trading system Prozorro.Sale became an effective source for replenishing local budgets.

As an example of a successful small privatization auction, which was launched under the updated rules in August 2022, Sergii But cited the sale of the “Prydniprovskyi” children’s health resort near Cherkasy. Although it was sold by the state, further investments in the development of the facility will benefit the local community.

“The tourist center with the area of 6,500 square meters has been abandoned for a long time. And so the state decides to give this complex into private hands. What do we see? The facility has prospects, and the business sees potential in it. 4 bidders came to the auction and thanks to the competition, the price for the facility increased by almost 4 times (from 2.6 million to 10 million). The winner — a charitable foundation with Czech roots — plans to build a rehabilitation center there. The complex will get a new life, foreign investments will come to the community, new jobs will appear,” said Prozorro.Sale CEO.

According to Sergii But, during the 1.5 years of full-scale war, the communities put up for privatization more than 500 properties across the country: unfinished buildings, garages, administrative premises, cellars, apartments, pharmacies and other assets that were idle and did not bring in any income. Privatization of these objects brought almost UAH 300 million to communities.

The international conference “Forward and Upward: Reforming Ukraine during the War” is taking place on May 19 in Kyiv. The conference was organized by the analytical platform Vox Ukraine with the support of The National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Media Center Ukraine is the main media partner.

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