January 9, 2024, 14:03

Cold spell expected to persist across the country for next ten days

In the coming days, the weather conditions in Ukraine are anticipated to stabilize, with a decrease in extremely low temperatures. However, over the next ten days, a cold spell is expected to persist throughout the country.

Now the weather is already getting more stable, in the sense that, first of all, the temperatures will not be so extremely low. The influence of the arctic air that has shaped the current weather pattern will gradually weaken, resulting in milder temperatures in the coming days.

Natalia Ptukha, Head of the Media Communication Department of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center of the State Emergency Service, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“An increase in temperatures is expected on Wednesday and Thursday, but they will still linger below the freezing point. Temperatures may rise to zero or above zero in some places in the South resulting in melting of black ice that has formed there as well as in the central regions. But all the same, the temperatures will persist at freezing levels at night. That is, the temperature will stay at 7-12 degrees below zero at night in almost all regions. Then on Thursday, the night temperature will rise to 2-8 degrees below zero. The daytime temperature, particularly in the southern regions of Crimea, can approach 0 degrees,” Natalia Ptukha said.

At the same time, she noted that in the afternoon of Thursday, Friday atmospheric fronts will come from the north-northwest. They will cause additional precipitation mainly in the form of light snow along with a drop in air temperature.

“Another batch of arctic air will enter from the north, and the northern currents will usher in low temperatures again. According to the preliminary estimations available today, we hope that they (the temperatures – Ed.) will not be as low as -25 degrees at night, but they can definitely be as low as -20 degrees, especially in the northern and northeastern regions. That is, the weather forecast for next 10 days indicates that the temperature will remain below zero throughout Ukraine,” Natalia Ptukha added.

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