September 15, 2023, 16:59

China is an unseen force behind the negotiations between Russia and North Korea – expert

Today, both Russia and North Korea depend on China. And the agreements between these two countries are made upon China’s approval.

Nataliya Plaksiienko-Butyrska, Expert on East Asia, Master of International Relations expressed this conviction, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“China is an unseen force behind all these negotiations. It’s the strongest and the most influential state both North Korea and Russia depend on. Accordingly, these agreements are taking place with liability to China or at least the PRC being fully briefed of the unfolding situation,” she said.

She noted that, in particular, during the two meetings of Russian officials in the DPRK, delegations from China were also present. In addition, the expert noted, a Chinese authorities representative was also noticed at the meeting that took place between the delegations of Russia and North Korea.

“That is, in any case, the information about possible negotiations and transfers is known to China,” she added and emphasized the importance of China’s influence.

“We will monitor how much China will allow this emerging cooperation to continue. It seems that North Korea, on the one hand, depends on trade with China, on its economic well-being, economic support, yes. On the other hand, it demonstrates a certain independence and lives as an isolated hermit kingdom. Nevertheless, China’s influence is very significant. And it is important for the PRC to see how the situation in its region develops,” the expert said.

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