January 8, 2024, 15:43

Black Sea and Sea of Azov situation: enemy missile carriers have been brought to their basing points, but the level of missile threat remains consistently high

There are currently three enemy ships deployed in the sea, two in the Black Sea and one in the Sea of Azov, conducting regular maritime patrol and surveillance. All missile launchers are kept at the basing points. Despite this, there is a high level of threat of missile attack.

Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, made this report at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“All the missile launchers are in their basing points, the enemy had no intention to use them during this attack, as we already knew. But the fact that they are on standby to be deployed to combat positions and equipped makes the situation quite tense, and the General Staff assesses the level of danger of missile strikes would be consistently high for as long as Russia’s missile carrier presence in the Black Sea, because they are ready to use and it takes two or three hours for them to reach the target.

Natalia Humeniuk noted that despite the uncooperative weather, it is still not critical, so it is quite possible that the enemy’s missile carriers will be deployed for combat duty.

“Therefore, we continue to closely monitor the situation and promptly inform about its changes,” she added.

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