November 9, 2023, 16:38

“Azovstal. Voices”: the premiere of the play about the prisoners of Mariupol will take place in Odesa

On November 16, the theater performance “Azovstal. Voices” will be shown in Odesa. It is dedicated to the defenders of Mariupol and should draw attention to Ukrainians held captive in Russia..

Valeriia Demchenko, the project’s director, and Oleksandra Bashkatova, the manager of the public organization Hearts of Azovstal, told about this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Our common goal is to prevent the world from forgetting that more than 1500 defenders of the City of Mary have been in enemy captivity for 500 days in incredibly difficult conditions. We emphasize the need for every hero to return home as soon as possible,” said Oleksandra Bakshatova.

The play directed by Valeria Demchenko combines the monologues of eight characters. These stories are inspired by real-life defenders of Azovstal – the monologues are based on the stories of those who defended Azovstal and have been exchanged from captivity, as well as their relatives.

“The multimedia performance has already been seen in Switzerland, Spain and other countries. I want to say that this is such a heartbreaking performance that even foreigners do not need to translate it. Everything is clear through the pain and suffering you feel, reminiscent of those terrible days of the blockade and defense of Mariupol,” said Valeria Demchenko.

The performance “Azovstal. Voices” will take place on November 16 in Odesa at the Vasyl Vasylko Ukrainian Theater.

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