March 19, 2024, 13:42

Attracting investment: More money available for Ukraine than the ability to utilize

Collaboration on investor attraction platforms has unveiled a stark reality: there’s a surplus of funds globally ready to flow into Ukraine, far surpassing the nation’s capability to effectively harness these resources. To address this discrepancy and bolster investment in the country, a series of strategic measures must be undertaken.

That’s according to Andrii Dligach, CEO of Advanter Group and a Doctor of Economics, speaking at a discussion hosted by the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“Experience reveals the abundance of funds, this is borne out by examples such as the DFC, an American government organization, which has over a billion dollars earmarked for Ukraine alone. However, only about 8 billion dollars worth of projects are currently in the pipeline, leaving a sizable disparity,” Dligach highlighted. 

To address this issue and attract more investment, he proposed several steps. Firstly, he stressed the importance of packaging projects effectively to meet the standards of international investors. This involves converting ideas into projects in a format that resonates with potential backers.

Moreover, Dligach advocated for a reevaluation of legal structures to enhance the viability of businesses. Transparency is key, with a focus on disclosing the origin of capital, ownership structures, and the creditworthiness of enterprises. This, he believes, will make businesses more attractive to investors.

Additionally, Andrii Dligach emphasized the need for retraining project managers to align with Western standards of responsibility, accountability, and clarity. He underscored the urgency of this training, calling for the immediate education of tens of thousands of project managers to meet the demand for skilled professionals in this field.

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