February 15, 2024, 19:13

Association of First Aiders and Tactical Medical Operators and Instructors established in Ukraine

Analyzing the challenges in first aid training within the state, the formation of the Association of First Aiders and Tactical Medical Operators and Instructors has been initiated in Ukraine. This notable organization has unified diverse entities and fields encompassing first aid, tactical and military medicine, volunteer and medical initiatives, rehabilitation, and beyond.

This was highlighted during a press briefing held at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. Leonid Fedorovskyi, the Chairman of the Board of the Association of First Aiders and Tactical Medical Operators and Instructors, stresses the critical importance of equipping every citizen with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide first aid. Consequently, the organization has established ambitious goals with the aim of administering first aid training to as many citizens as possible.

“Our objective is to swiftly establish the most extensive and secure conditions, addressing the challenges within our nation. This presents a monumental task for all of us, as we endeavor to accomplish what no other country has done before—we must educate the entire population to administer assistance in civilian scenarios. We must train the vast Armed Forces of Ukraine. We’re currently engaged in promising projects in collaboration with governmental bodies, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the Medical Forces Command. It’s crucial that all service members are equipped to safeguard themselves, their comrades, and us, capable of preserving lives,” stated Leonid Fedorovskyi.

He emphasized that the Association is also dedicated to devising top-tier solutions for addressing contemporary challenges in providing assistance, drawing from accumulated experience.

“We must ensure that the knowledge we acquire isn’t lost but instead consolidated; rather, we must consolidate, analyze, and devise the most advanced, high-quality solutions available. This stands as our organization’s primary objective,” elaborated Leonid Fedorovskyi.

Furthermore, he outlined that the Association’s scope of activities encompasses various additional facets, including safeguarding the rights of aid providers and advancing state regulatory measures.

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