Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
October 30
9:00 АMKYIV– Dmitri Teperik, Resilient Ukraine program director;

– Yana Boiko, head of the School of Mediapatriots NGO;

Ivan Vartovnyk, the Resilient Ukraine program project coordinator, the Train the Trainers project expert, and project coordinator of the National Platform for Resilience;

All in person. 

“The training of trainers who will teach their community members how to jointly address crisis situations together held in Kyiv has come to an end”

Why is it interesting?
The Train the Trainer’s first experimental training on cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises for future experts was held for three days starting on October 27. 
10:00 АMKYIV– Tetyana Katrychenko, Coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIHR) (in person);

– Anastasiia Pantelieieva, Head of the Documentation Department at the Media Initiative for Human Rights (in person);

– Lene Wetteland, Head of Norwegian Helsinki Committee Documentation and Accountability Hub (online);

– Tetiana Popovych, a mother of a civilian hostage from Bucha still held by Russia (in person);
Presentation: “Arbitrary detention and taking of civilian hostages in the northern regions of Ukraine: analysis of documented evidence”

Why is it interesting?
The analysis based on materials received from hostages released from Russian captivity and the families of those who remain in captivity is the MIHR first stage of the investigation, which reveals the patterns of crimes committed by Russia in northern Ukraine in Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy Oblasts.
Apart from reporting on the I-DOC system documented crimes analysis during the presentation, the MIHR will also share first-hand accounts of the conditions of detention of civilian hostages by Russia, their torture, starvation, and other crimes committed against Ukrainians. 

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11:00 АMKYIV– Ruslana Velychko-Trifonyuk, First Deputy Executive Director of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs;

– Dmitro Dubrovskyi, Co-Founder and CEO of Uklon, Ambassador of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation;

– Denys Sudilkovsky, Chief Marketing Officer at LUN, Ambassador of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation

All in person.
“The Veteran’s Pathway. Business”: Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, LUN, and Uklon launch a unified project to strengthen veterans

Why is it interesting?
The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, LUN, and Uklon are jointly presenting a veteran entrepreneurship interactive map as part of the “Veteran’s Pathway. Business” concept.
The platform will bring together veterans and their families-owned businesses in different regions of Ukraine. Thus, from now on, it will be easy to find a veteran-founded business in your city that is worth supporting.

Journalists should apply until 6:00 PM on October 29.

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12:00 РMKYIV– Aliona Luniova, Advocacy Manager at ZMINA Human Rights Center;

– Onysiia Syniuk, Legal Analyst at ZMINA; 

– Andrii Chernousov, Leading Expert at Kharkiv Institute for Social Researches

All in person. 

How Ukraine punishes wartime collaborationism: presentation of an analytical report by human rights activists

Topics of focus:
– What are the problems and risks of prosecuting collaboration with the enemy?
– Why has such legislation proved ineffective in punishing collaboration and how can it be improved?
– How can the practice of prosecuting collaborators affect the future reintegration of the de-occupied territories?
11:00 АMKHARKIV– Yevhen Vasylenko – spokesman of the Main Office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region-Briefing regarding the operational situation in the Kharkiv region for the period October 23 – 29, 2023

11:00 AM


Yaroslav Romanchuk, President of the Mises Research Center, economist

Mykhailo Kamchatnyi, coordinator of the project “New West. Ukrainian Dream”

Presentation of the book by economist Yaroslav Romanchuk “The New West. The Ukrainian Dream”.

12:00 РM


– Sviatoslav Pomerantsev, president of the International Literary Corporation Meridian Czernowitz

Yevhenia Lopata, coordinator of the Meridian Odesa Poetry Readings

Presentation of the Meridian Odesa Poetry Readings to be held on November 3-5 in Odesa

13:00 РM


Alla Stoyanova, director of the Odesa regional Department of Agrarian Policy, Food and Land Relations

The state of modern land relations in Odesa region