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February 28
2:30 PMKYIVOlena Shuliak, Chair of Sluha Narodu (Servant of the People) Party, Chair of the Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on State Building, Local Governance, Regional and Urban DevelopmentTopic of focus:
Draft law No. 7198 on compensation for destroyed and damaged housing: what lies at its core, how housing compensation will work in the conditions of the all-out war and after Ukraine’s victory.

Why this is important:
On February 23, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 7198 as a whole in the second reading. It is a part of large-scale reconstruction efforts, and clear rules of the game, transparency, openness and extensive use of digital tools lie at the center of it. A legislative change is overdue: this is evidenced by the fact that, as of the beginning of 2023, more than 316,000 Ukrainians who are homeowners have submitted their applications for compensation through Diia.
3:00 PMKYIV— Ilona Khmeleva, expert at the Economic Security Council of Ukraine

— Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, People’s Deputy of Ukraine

— Agiya Zagrebelska, Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Agency on Corruption Prevention

— Alexandra Vasylenko, Special Envoy on Sanctions Policy at the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine

— Thomas Ewing, Associate Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) (online)

— Roman Vybranovskyy, Communication Expert and Founder of Foreign Media Department at the National Security and Defense Council
Discussion “A fatal blow is needed: a year of sanctions against russia in review”

Why this is interesting:

Throughout russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sanctions were reimagined as a new kind of weapon — no less effective than a howitzer. However, over time, more and more analysts are beginning to doubt whether the sanctions remain relevant and effective. This is what the experts will focus on during the discussion.