Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
October 25
12:00 РMKYIV– Ruslan Batytskyi, director and producer of the film;

– Anna Borysova, director of the film;

– Serhii Vrabii, actor and professional goalball player;

– Vira Petrova, actress, and protagonist of the film;

– Yaroslawa Mazur, promoter of veteran athletics, Sport Ambassador

All in person.

Press conference of the directors and actors of the “Blindness Game” documentary showing the strength of spirit and resilience of people with impairments. 

Why is it interesting?
The Blindness Game is a documentary with a playable short film additional content that aims to popularize the Paralympic spirit and stories of athletes with disabilities, restore and strengthen their faith in themselves. It’s a movie about the fortitude and resilience of disabled people, which encourages them not to lose faith in themselves and to live a full life.

A Ukrainian-German film team worked on the movie. The filmmakers plan to get the film screened at at least ten international film festivals.

12:00 РMODESA– Oleksandr Babich, volunteer, project manager of the “Volunteer Handbook”
– Denys Yakuba, volunteer, expert of the project “Volunteer Handbook”
– Stanislav Borodashkin, volunteer, expert of the “Volunteer Handbook” project

All in person.

The Volunteer Handbook as a useful knowledge base for Ukrainians – 6 months of work

13:00 РM


Albert Virnin,  engineer-developer (personal participation)

Anti-drone technologies in modern warfare. Means and methods of countering enemy UAVs