Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
July 24
11:00 АMKYIV–Taras Shevchenko, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for European Integration;

– Kateryna Levchenko, Government Commissioner for Gender Policy (online);

– Oleksandr Diachenko,
Head of Control and Analytical Department of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine;

– Liza Kuzmeko, Chair of Women in Media NGO, Member of the Commission on Journalistic Ethics;

– Tymur Levchuk GESI advisor for USAID/Ukraine’s Transformation Communications Activity (TCA);

– Milena Goryachkovska, Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Project Coordinator

All in person.
Presentation of the Guidelines for media coverage of gender equality, prevention of violence, manifestations of sexism and gender stereotypes

Why this is interesting:
During the event, the participants will present the Guidelines developed with the aim of increasing understanding of the principles of gender equality and ensuring the use of uniform approaches and tools for creating zero tolerance for violence in the media, in particular gender-based violence.
13:00 PMKYIV– Olga Aivazovska, Chair of the Board Analyst at Civil Network OPORA;

– Anastasia Romaniuk, Analyst at OPORA;

– Andrii Savchuk, Data Analyst at OPORA;

– Olha Snopok, Analyst at OPORA

All in person.
Presentation of study results on migration, media consumption and social and political activity of forced migrants

Why this is interesting:
Discussion of two studies is planned during the event: “Media consumption and public and political activity of Ukrainians abroad” conducted among Ukrainians in 7 countries of the world, and “The number of Ukrainians and their displacement abroad due to the war”, created on the basis of data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Border Guard Service and other government agencies.

Participants will discuss how research data can be useful for organizing and holding the first post-war elections and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, returning manpower, etc.
3:00 PMKYIV– Hanna Hopko, Chair of the Board of ANTS NGO (in person);

– Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center (in person);

– Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre For Global Studies “Strategy XXI” (in person);

– Hennadiy Maksak, Executive Director at the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” (in person);

– Roman Son, International Law expert (online)
Panel discussion entitled: “On the path to NATO membership: Ukraine as a security guarantor for Europe”

Topics of focus:

– Security obligations of Ukraine’s partners – a way to make them meaningful;
– What to do with russian nuclear terrorism?
– How to set up procedures to get results at the Washington Summit?
– Ukraine’s security guarantees for Europe

Why this is interesting:
The 2013 Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit launched tectonic shifts in Europe’s politics and security, regardless of the wishes or fears of individual states and politicians. The 2023 Vilnius NATO Summit ended with rather compromising political declarations, even though current security requirements call for drastic decisions, where thousands of lives and the basic foundations of the democratic world hang in the balance.