Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
September 22
11:00 AMLVIVIryna Sysliuk, Head of the Preschool, General Secondary, and Extracurricular Education of the Education and Science Department of Lviv Oblast Military Administration
Natalia Ivanchenko, Director General of the Lviv Oblast Disease Control and Prevention Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Orest Chemerys, Director of the Healthcare Department of Lviv Oblast Military Administration
Andriy Skipalskyi, Program Officer for Noncommunicable Diseases at WHO Country Office in Ukraine
Dmytro Kupyra, “Schools without Nicotine and Tobacco” Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Executive Director at Live Advocacy Center
(all in person)
Topics of focus: 
– launch of WHO pilot project “Schools Without Nicotine and Tobacco“

Why this is interesting: 

Ukraine has become the third country in the world to implement a pilot project to raise awareness among schoolchildren about the health risks of tobacco and nicotine. Every year, smoking kills 8 million people worldwide. In Ukraine, 85,000 Ukrainians die from diseases caused by smoking. 95% of smokers start smoking before the age of 21.
11:00 AMKYIVNataliia Naumenko, Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine; Mykola Rudyk, Head of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (in person)Key topic: Which Ukrainian documents can be exchanged and restored in Warsaw?
12:00 PMKYIVFedir Venislavskyi, Representative of the President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (online)
Key topic: The partial mobilization in russia: How will the situation on the front line change? What does it mean to Ukraine?
1:00 PMKYIVVolodymyr Matsokin, Deputy Mayor of Izium (online)Topic of focus: Izium after the liberation: The humanitarian and operational situation in the city.