Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
June 22
10:30 AMLVIVPavlo Klimkin, Diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2014–2019) (online)Relevant topics:
– Ukraine’s EU candidacy prospects
– Europe’s requirements for Ukraine: Can they be met?
– What is to be expected from the EU summit on June 23–24.
11:00 AMLVIVOleksandra Romantsova, Executive Director of the Center for Civil Liberties (online)
Ruslan Topolevskyi, NGO Center for Legal and Political Research “SIM” (in person)
Oleksandr Kadievskyi, Attorney, Coordinator of Kramatorsk Reception Office of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (in person)
Briefing on:
Tribunal for putin, a joint initiative of civil-society human rights organizations and the Center for Civil Liberties.

Why this is interesting:
Euromaidan SOS initiative started documenting war crimes after the outbreak of the all-out invasion. Tribunal for putin, a coalition of human rights organizations, has been established and has already documented over 7,000 war crime episodes perpetrated by russia in Ukraine.

Relevant topics:
– What is the Tribunal for putin initiative? What is its goal? Who is in the human rights coalition?
– How are the crimes documented?
– What are further steps needed to punish war criminals?
1:00 PMLVIVNatalia Humeniuk, Head of the Press Center of the South Operational Command (online)Relevant topics:
– Missile strikes on Ukraine’s south
– Navy groups of the invaders
– Successes achieved by Ukraine’s Armed Forces in the south front
– Ukraine’s Armed Forces strike on invaders’ positions on the Serpent Island
Nobel Prize winners Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize winner, USA), Tawakkol Karman (Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yemen), and Leymah Gbowee (Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liberia) will come to Lviv on a charity mission.
During the day, they will visit shelters for women and meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations and local and regional governments.
The meeting will take place at 1:10 AM at Lviv’s Railway Station.
Contact person: Angelina Yashmed, +380671050055

11:00 AMKYIVVadym Boichenko, Mayor of Mariupol (in person)Key topics: the operational and humanitarian situation in the city; pressure on locals by russians.
1:30 PMKYIVSpecial event. Meeting with journalists.

Yurii Makarov, Editor-in-Chief of the TV Directorate of UA:PBC; Viktor Tregubov, Expert in Strategic Communications; Ruslan Deynychenko, Executive Director of StopFake; Denis Kazanskyi, Journalist; Maksym Vikhrov, Editor-in-Chief of The Ukrainian Week magazine, and other representatives of media community (in person)
Relevant topic: russian propaganda as a tool of the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Methods for detecting and exposing russian propaganda.
 2:30 PMKYIVOleksandr Motuzianyk, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (in person)Relevant topic: The current situation on the frontline of the russo-Ukrainian war
3:30 PMKYIVOlga Stefanyshyna, Vice Prime Minister for the European and Euroatlantic Integration of Ukraine (in person)Key topic: Ukraine’s path to the EU candidacy: What this status means, and what further steps Ukraine needs to take.