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April 22
12:00 PM KYIV Daryna Pidhorna, a lawyer with the Regional Center for Human Rights;

– Nataliia Hendel, expert of the Foundation for the Support of Fundamental Research, a researcher at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (online);

– Tymur Korotkyi, Head of the Foundation for Support of Fundamental Research (online);

– Anastasiia Cherednychenko, Chair of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) of Ukraine;

– Mariana Tomyn, Director of the Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. 

Analytical report unveils strategies to safeguard Ukrainian cultural heritage sites from russian threats of destruction and appropriation and facilitate stolen artifact returns

Topics of focus:
– Ukraine’s utilization of reparations procedures: examining the legal framework, current status, and unresolved challenges;
– Means of international justice for safeguarding and repatriating cultural assets;
– Governmental strategies and initiatives aimed at safeguarding and conserving cultural heritage vandalized or looted during armed conflicts;
– Assessment of current state and civic efforts to repatriate displaced cultural heritage and their efficacy;
– Feasibility of prosecuting individuals involved in theft, destruction, or facilitation of such acts against cultural heritage.

Why is it interesting?
For a decade now, russia has relentlessly launched attacks targeting Ukraine’s cultural heritage, inflicting physical destruction and plunder. This systematic assault serves as a tool for advancing russia’s colonial agenda. Countless sites of local and regional significance, along with natural treasures, face peril, including UNESCO-listed landmarks like Tauric Chersonese, Manhup-Kale, Askania-Nova National Biosphere Reserve, Mykolaiv Astronomical and Odesa Observatories, Borys and Hlib Cathedral in Chernihiv, and Kamiana Mohyla (Stone Grave) in Zaporizhia region.
Amidst this crisis, the pressing issue revolves around assessing and rectifying the cultural damage inflicted on Ukraine. Urgent legislative reforms are imperative to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of the harm inflicted, particularly concerning movable cultural assets.
1:30 PMKYIV– Dmytro Pletenchuk, Head of the Center for Strategic Communications of Defense Forces of the South (online)
Strikes on the russian Navy and fighting the enemy at sea

Topics of focus:
– Impact of enemy shelling on Odesa: Casualties and aftermath;
– russian warship Kommuna in Sevastopol, used by occupiers, suffers defeat;
– Assessing changes in occupiers’ naval strategy under the new commander of the russian Navy.