Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
February 22
10:00 АMKYIVOleksiy Kucher, Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine;
Oleksii Dorogan, CEO of Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).

All in person.
Briefing: “Regulatory policy. Deregulation. Business inspections. 2023 Outcomes”

Topics of focus:
– Ukraine regulatory environment overview;
– Deregulation for business activities, IWG operation;
– Business inspections, moratorium and its impact on entrepreneurs;
– International experience of the SRS, the way to cooperate with the Regulatory Policy Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Why is it interesting?
During the briefing, Oleksiy Kucher, the Head of Ukraine’s SRS, will deliver the public report for 2023, and Oleksii Dorogan, CEO of BRDO, will discuss the results of the extensive deregulation of the economy throughout the year, notably within the purview of the specialized Interagency Working Group (IWG).
12:00 PMKYIVDmytro Smolnikov, representative of the Maidan-Batumi Activists’ Union;
Geno Tebidze, founder of the Humanitarian Aid Center for Ukrainians in Batumi, founder of the Ukrainian-Georgian social project “Children Want Peace” (online);
Tamta Gugushvili, journalist, translator, volunteer;
Press conference: “Two Years of Ongoing Support for Ukraine: A Strong Unity of Efforts between IDPs from Ukraine and Georgians in Confronting the Shared Adversary”

Topics of focus:

– Georgia’s support for Ukraine;
– Support for Ukrainian youth;
– Pushing for the expulsion of Russians from Georgia;
– Formation of a new pro-European policy of Georgia.