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July 21
12:00 AMKYIVVitaliy Kim, Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration (online)Key topic: The current situation in the oblast; the reward from the oblast government for reporting on artillery/missile spotters.
1:30 PM KYIVVadym Skibytskyi, Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (in person)Key topic: Current situation on the frontline of the russo-Ukrainian war.
11:00 AMLVIVNatalia Kuzma, Leader of the Stories Time Project, author of the idea of a wandering exhibition of stories

Iryna Snitynska, founder of Stories Time and Buy a Date – Help Ukraine Projects, founder and public speaking trainer of Agrus: Praktyka Slova company
(all in person)
Why this is interesting:
On July 28, a Stories Time: Warriors of Light charity event will take place in Lviv to kickstart a wandering exhibition of the stories of Ukrainians during the war.
Warriors of Light are stories of the Ukrainians, each fighting on a particular front line.
Six speakers will present their stories at the event: Andrii Kozinchuk (military psychologist, Anti-terror Operation veteran), Halyna Moroz (co-leader of Help the Front NGO), Ivanka Dymyd (icon painter), Volodymyr Mykhalyshyn (volunteer and language advocate); Taras Topolia (showbiz celebrity, now paramedic) and Viktor Rozovyi (Azov soldier) will join the event online. In addition, the “Angy Kreyda” band and Artem Loik will sing their songs at the event.
12:00 PMLVIVBohdana Syniakevych, initiator and chief coordinator of Porokhova Vezha camouflage net weaving site, co-organizer of a camo net weaving competition

Illia Bilous, coordinator of Porokhova Vezha camouflage net weaving site, team coordinator at the camo net weaving competition
(all in person)
Why this is interesting:
This Sunday, July 24, a camo net weaving competition among youth centers will take place in Lviv’s Na Valakh park. Volunteers are invited to join the initiative.
1:30 PMLVIVDmytro Natalukha, Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Chair of Verkhovna Rada’s Economic Development Committee (online)Relevant topics:
– The economic plan for the recovery of Ukraine
– Results of the Lugano conference: what has been agreed
– Further steps to rebuild Ukraine’s economy