Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
May 20
11:00 AM KYIV– Anatolii Shkarbuta, Deputy Head of the Prevention Unit of the Fire Safety Office of the Emergencies Prevention Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (in person);

Fire safety for citizens during power outages

Topics of focus:
– Fire safety for citizens during power outages;
– Rules for safe handling of candles, generators and gas burners;
1:00 PMKYIV– Oleksii Kusch, economist, financial analyst;
– Ihor Petrenko, political expert, Doctor of Political Sciences;
– Anton Kuchukhidze, Co-Founder of United Ukraine Think Tank, international political scientist;
– Petro Oleshchuk, political expert, Doctor of Political Sciences;
– Valentyn Gladkykh, political analyst, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences;
– Dmytro Levus, foreign policy expert;

All in person.
Presentation of the report: “Ukrainian Peace Plan as a Basis for Preserving the Global World Order”

Why this is interesting:
The authors of the report examined the key proposals for the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine voiced since February 2022 and identified the main risks associated with their implementation, prospects for their realization, and suggestions for preventing harmful scenarios and narratives propagated by the aggressor country.

During the presentation, experts will elaborate on the background, potential, and key beneficiaries of the Istanbul agreements, the Ukrainian Peace Plan, and other peace proposals put forward by representatives of China, Brazil, and African countries.

Organizers: Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, United Ukraine Think Tank.
11:00 AM 


-Yevhen Vasylenko – spokesman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region
-Briefing: “Operational situation in the Kharkiv region for the period May,13- May, 19”