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October 19
11:00 АMKYIV– Yaroslav Korets, Head of Ukrainian Burners NGO, Leader of Kurenivka Camp at Burning Man (online);

– Oleksandr Slobodianyk, Co-Creator of The Hedgehog Temple project, volunteer helping the military (in person);

– Arsen Mirzoyan, Singer-Songwriter, Volunteer, Project Ambassador (in person);

– Iryna Guk, Head of Leleka Foundation (in person);

– Captain Andrii Maksymchuk (call sign Batman), airborne assault trooper, scout (in person)

Press conference entitled: “Burning Man Ukraine team starts a fundraiser to collect USD 1 million for evacuation vehicles”

Why this is interesting:
The Burning Man Ukraine team is calling on the world community to rescue Ukrainian military and civilians from hot spots in the war zone. The Burners started The Hedgehog Temple charity fundraising project to buy 20+ new Toyota cars to evacuate people from the war zone. 

The fundraiser’s symbol is The Hedgehog Temple, this year’s Ukrainian art object at Burning Man 2023. The Hedgehog Temple is a huge structure in the form of a hedgehog, built of steel, wood, camouflage nets and 100 anti-tank obstacles — “hedgehogs,” which were exclusively made for the installation.
11:00 АMKHARKIV– Boris Redin – a volunteer
-Yuriy Kalgushkin – reserve colonel
-Oleksiy Dzhelamanov – chief sergeant of the military unit

– Briefing on the specifics of the production of innovative camouflage nets for the needs of Ukrainian fighters at the front.

Why this is interesting:
Seasonal natural changes of the autumn-spring period bring about changes in the nature of combat operations, which become less maneuverable and more positional, as well as in the requirements for camouflage nets: their technical characteristics and quantity. After all, it is much more difficult to disguise equipment or an object without leaves on trees.
A properly selected camouflage net can mask movement on plantations and trenches and also reduce the visibility of even moving objects. Moreover, the use of different approaches to creating masking nets allows you to contain infrared radiation and reduce visibility in the thermal imager.
During the briefing, we will talk about the requirements for materials, the specifics of their search and delivery, as well as the current needs at the front.
12:30 PMKHARKIV-Khrystyna Solovii -Ukrainian singer
-Oleksandr Remez – artistic director of the Kharkiv direction of the Cultural Forces

– Briefing: “Cultural and psychological support of the Ukrainian military”

Why this is interesting:
The Cultural Forces is an association of famous artists, all of whose forces today are aimed at the Victory of Ukraine.
The Cultural Forces has more than 2,000 concerts on the front line, in military hospitals, in units of rescuers, and in de-occupied Ukrainian cities.
Cultural Forces is the initiator of artistic, psychological, and educational projects that are changing our country today
11:00 АMODESAOleksandr Kurmyshov, the director of the Odesa regional healthcare department (personal attendance)  

Serhiy Dementiev, the deputy director of the Odesa Regional CDC of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (personal attendance)

Liudmyla Samoilenko, official of the Odesa regional CDC of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (personal attendance) 

On the results of the “catch-up” campaign for vaccination of children against measles in Odesa Oblast

12:00 PM

Oleksandr Kurmyshov, director of the Odesa regional healthcare department (personal presence)

Provision of free inpatient rehabilitation care in Odesa region

13:00 PM


Oleksandr Korovai, director of the municipal institution “Service Office “Veteran Hub” (personal presence) 

Work of the Veterans HUB front office in Odesa