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April 16
1:00 PM KYIV– Evelina Kurilets, Director at Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation;
Vladyslav Tymoshenko, Major, officer of the department for determining the needs for weapons and military communications equipment of the Department of Planning for the provision of communications equipment and property of the Main Directorate of Communications and Cyber Security of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
Hennadii Zabolotnyi, coordinator of the project “33,000 laptops for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”;
Oleksii Zakharchenko, Communications Director of the Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation, Head of the “Mas Agency” communication agency.
Press conference: “33,000 laptops for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

Topics of focus:
– Unveiling the campaign’s core objectives and launch in Ukraine and the United States;
– Exploring the demand for 33,000 laptops and identifying military branches slated to receive the equipment;
– Guidance on participating in the campaign in Ukraine and the United States;
– Specifications of the required equipment: technical details;
– Anticipated outcomes and projected timeline.

Why is it interesting?
Upon the Main Department of Communications and Cybersecurity of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s initiative, the Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation is initiating a campaign in Ukraine and the United States to procure 33,000 new and used laptops for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The commencement of the public campaign will be marked by a press conference.
2:00 PMKYIVRoman Vashchuk, Business Ombudsman;
Oksana Shvets, American Chamber of Commerce;
Nataliia Artemchuk, European Business Association;
Dmytro Mykhailenko, Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
Gennadiy Chyzhykov, Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
– Yuliia Drohovoz, Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (online);
Myroslav Laba, Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs;
– Oleh Hetman, Economic Expert Platform (online).
Presentation of the results: Business Ombudsman Council’s investigation into tax audits practices

Why is it interesting?
Roman Vashchuk, Business Ombudsman of Ukraine, together with the heads of leading business associations, will announce the results of their own investigation. In particular, he will present the Business Ombudsman Council’s vision of changing the approaches of fiscal authorities to tax audits to build trust between business and the state.
3:00 PMKYIV Ganna Krasnostup, CEO of the Directorate on Information Policy and Information Security of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine;
Ihor Solovey, Head of the Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security;
Pavlo Buldovych, Head of the Department for Coordination of State Information Policy on Corruption Prevention at the NACP;
– Fedir Kudrin, analyst at Osavul.

All in person.
Unveiling research findings: “Analyzing russian Information Security Threats Regarding Corruption in the Ukrainian Media Landscape”

Topics of focus:

– Exploring russia’s tactics and strategies in disseminating information security threats regarding corruption in Ukraine;
– Addressing russian information security threats on corruption in Ukraine: Effective tools and strategies for countering;
– The impact of social media, traditional media, and information platforms on the spread of russian information security threats regarding corruption in Ukraine;
– Assessing the ramifications of this information campaign on Ukrainian society and its international relations.