Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
April 16
1:30 PM KYIVOleksiy Kushch, economist, financial analyst; 
Ihor Petrenko, political scientist, Doctor of Political Science; 
Anton Kuchukhidze, co-founder of the United Ukraine Analytical Center, international political scientist; 
Petro Oleshchuk, political expert, Ph.D. in Political Science;
Valentyn Hladkykh, political analyst, Candidate of Philosophy; 
Dmytro Levus, international expert.

All in person. 
Unveiling research findings: “Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration between Ukraine and the Global South”

Why is it interesting?
Expert surveys reveal promising opportunities for robust collaboration between Ukraine and Global South nations. Numerous points of intersection exist, forming a solid foundation for fruitful economic partnerships and collaborative development endeavors. Key areas of focus encompass the enhancement of economic ties, particularly within the agriculture, energy, and technology sectors. Leveraging its substantial expertise and resources, Ukraine stands poised to contribute significantly to joint development efforts in these fields.