April 22

Full schedule Ukraine Media Center’s (Kyiv, Lviv)

11:00 AMLviv Toloka in Lviv: Lviv Residents and Displaced Persons Clean the City Together Lviv residents and IDPs are preparing the city for Easter together. They will take part in a toloka event together to clean up the city. 

ATTENTION, A DIFFERENT ADDRESS: Rescued Pets Shelter (24, Oleksy Dovbusha St.)
Toloka is a Ukrainian tradition of unpaid collective effort to help the community 
12:30 PMLvivOleksandr Korniyenko, First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (online)Current issues:
– results of the plenary meeting
– Statement of the Verkhovna Rada declaring that russia’s criminal acts amount to genocide
1:30 PMLvivZhan Beleniuk, Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Tokyo Olympics Champion in Greco-Roman Wrestling (online)

Stanislav Horuna, Tokyo Olympics Bronze Medalist in Karate, currently defending Ukraine in the ranks of Ukraine’s Armed Forces (in person)
Current issues: 
– how Ukrainian athletes join the fight against the russian invasion
– the stance of sports federations and support for Ukraine by foreign athletes during the war

Interesting facts: Stanislav Horuna is auctioning off his 2020 Olympics bronze medal to support the National Guard, Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and the Territorial Defense Force
2:30 PMLvivVitalii Branashko, a person living with a transplanted heart

Roman Domashych, Cardiosurgeon, Transplantologist

Maksym Ovechko, Head of the Transplantology Center  

Iryna Zaslavets, Chair of iDonor Ukrainian National Donorship Platform NGO

(all in person) 
Topic: Organ transplant surgery during the war. Living with a new heart

Interesting facts: A story of a patient who got a new lease of life thanks to a cardiac transplant. A story of physicians operating during the air raid alert.
3:00 PMKyivAndrii Niebytov, Head of the National Police of Ukraine in Kyiv Oblast (in-person)Key topics: The police job performance in the Kyiv Oblast liberated cities. Documentation of Russian occupants’ criminal acts.
3:30 PMKyivColonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (in-person)Key topic: Operational situation at the front
4:30 PMLviv

The UN World Food Program briefing scheduled for 4:30 PM has been canceled!

David Beasley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program in Charge of Food Assistance 

Corinne Fleischer, Regional Director of the UN WFP 

Jacob Kern, Emergency Coordinator of the UN WFP for Ukraine 

(all in person) 

Current issues: 
– the imminent threat of a global food crisis due to the war 
– regions under the threat of famine
– UN and international community action plan to avert the food crisis

Why is this interesting: Global food security is threatened by the war unleashed by russia in Ukraine. 

The briefing schedule is subject to change. 

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