April 14

Full schedule Ukraine Media Center’s (Kyiv, Lviv)

11:30 AMLviv Yulia Laputina, Minister for Veteran Affairs of Ukraine (online)Current issues: 
– Developing an efficient system for the psychological rehabilitation of warriors, members of their families, and families of killed soldiers 
– Legislative work of the Ministry for Veteran Affairs aimed at the rehabilitation and socialization of veterans and their family members
12:30 PMLvivVitaliy Kim, Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration (online) Current issues:  
– Defense of Mykolaiv Oblast
– Shelling by russians — consequences 
– Economy for the victory — operation of businesses of Mykolaiv Oblast during the war
1:30 PMLvivOlena Zhuk, Chair of Zaporizhia Oblast CouncilCurrent issues: 
–  Combat activities in Zaporizhia Oblast;
 – The economic situation in the region;
– Hosting of internally displaced persons in Zaporizhia Oblast
2:30 PMLvivNatalia Bunda, Head of the Development Department of Lviv City Council, Coordinator of Humanitarian Aid Depots of the City  

Tetyana Khabibrakhmanova, Head of the Office for Foreign Relations and Promotion of Lviv City Council  

Valerii Stepaniuk, Charity Volunteer from Irpin

(all in person) 
Current issues: 
– 50 days of the war: Lviv as the major humanitarian aid hub of Ukraine
– Exhibition of children’s drawings sent from the entire world together with the humanitarian aid
3:00 PMKyivLyudmila Denisova, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner (Ombudsman) for Human Rights (in-person)Key topics:
– Russian crimes against civilians
– The aggressor’s attitude towards Ukrainian prisoners of war

The briefing schedule is subject to change. 

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