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June 13
11:00 AMLVIVSergii Bilenkyi, Chair of the Board of the Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine (online)Current topics:
– the losses of the iron and steel industry after the onset of the all-out war;
– the current condition of the sector;
– the reconstruction and development of the metallurgy after the end of the war.
11:30 AMLVIVIvan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol (online)Current topics:
– the failed celebration of the “russia day” in temporarily occupied areas;
– russia’s actual plans to occupy Ukraine;
– the development of the guerrilla movement in the occupied territories.

Why this is interesting:
“russia day” is celebrated in the russian federation on June 12. Invaders attempted to organize mass celebrations and issue russian passports to citizens of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories. However, unexpected by the invaders, the locals’ response was lukewarm.
12:00 PMLVIVVadym Boichenko, Mayor of MariupolCurrent topics:
– the humanitarian situation in Mariupol;
war crimes of the invaders;
– the anniversary of the liberation of Mariupol from russians – how the city changed over 8 years after the de-occupation and what russian forces did to the city after the re-occupation.

Why this is interesting:
On June 13, 2014, Azov Regiment and other Ukrainian units liberated Mariupol from pro-russian militants who had occupied the city for a month. Every year, Mariupol celebrates the anniversary of liberation from russians.
1:30 PMKYIVDamien Magrou, Spokesperson for the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine (in person)Current topics: legal status of foreign prisoners of war; why foreigners are fighting for Ukraine; achievements of the Legion; why Ukraine needs constant international support
2:00 PMKYIVTaras Vysotskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine; Tetiana Adamenko, Head of the Department of Agrometeorology of the Hydro-Meteorological Center of Ukraine (in person)Current topics: Results of the sowing campaign in Ukraine during the war
2:30 PMKYIVOleksandr Motuzianyk, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (in person)Current topic: The current situation on the frontline of the russo-Ukrainian war