Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Yuriy Kruk, head of Odesa District Military Administration
May 25, 2023, 17:02

After June 5, some beaches may be opened in Odesa 

But for this to happen, municipal authorities and tenants must fulfill certain conditions to ensure people’s safety. This was stated by Yuriy Kruk, head of the Odesa military district administration, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

He said that on May 24, a joint order was issued by the regional military administration and the military command, which defines the conditions under which access to certain areas of the beach, and, accordingly, access to water, can be opened.

“The conditions are as follows: the bathing area will have to be fenced off by appropriate means. A fence with buoys every 50 meters should be stretched between the traverses. A net should be stretched near the piers or at the end of the traverses – it should be 30 cm above the water level, and its underwater part should be at least two meters. This makes it impossible for mines to get into the area of possible damage,” – the official said.

He also added that the beaches should be equipped with observation posts at the end of the traverses, and rescuers should have binoculars, walkie-talkies, and rescue equipment.

In addition, evacuation routes to equipped shelters should be posted on the beaches and air raid warning systems should be installed. Access to the beaches will be possible only from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and scuba divers will periodically check the seabed.

Yuriy Kruk added that by June 5, the city council commission should submit proposals to the Odesa regional military administration on beaches that can be opened to the public. After that, the final decision on granting access to the beaches will be made by the Odesa regional military administration and the military command.

He noted that later, if other areas meet the conditions of the order, they can also be opened.

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