April 14, 2024, 15:58

Admiral Igor Voronchenko highlights key steps for the Black Sea region

Certain measures must be taken to counteract russia, particularly, in the Black Sea region.

Admiral Igor Voronchenko, General Inspector of the Main inspectorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, made this statement during the discussion at the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform.

“As for what needs to be done directly in the Black Sea region. In my opinion, the A2 zone needs to be expanded, which would prevent (russians – Ed.) from increasing their capacity both in the Caspian Sea and other shipping lanes on the mainland of the country. Yes, there are critical points that need to be suppressed. Mainly these are communication technology, logistics, as well as such sensitive technologies, which would prevent russia from advancing in manufacturing new weapons and new combat systems,” he said.

According to Igor Voronchenko, this is a key direction, and it requires a quick decision on the course of actions.

At the same time, he emphasized the need for the means of destroying the enemy.

“Secondly, as for the weapons. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. So, there are many means of destroying the enemy in the sea. These are torpedoes, mines, which can be used in distant areas, where russia is still dominant. And, as I have already said, there should be a complex approach to combining modern technologies in order to achieve the greatest possible effect that would yield some results. I think that it will have little effect on the russian society, because they have a very serious and, I think, incurable “disease.” But yes, this could influence the decision of russia’s Strategic Command and the military-political leadership,” Igor Voronchenko explained.

Summarizing, he emphasized:

“I think everyone has already reached the common denominator that Crimea is in the center. Its critical points are the “Crimea” bridge, ships of the Black Sea Fleet, communication lines and the electrical grid of Crimea. And we have to reach an understanding that everything started with Crimea, and everything will end with Crimea. Because the current “tsar” of russia is nobody without Crimea.”


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