December 28, 2023, 18:58

About 55 thousand hryvnias to be raised for Atom’s surgery by January 11 in Odesa

There are 45 rescued animals in the Odesa dog adoption center. 14 of them were brought from the Kherson region after the occupiers blew up the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. Volunteers rescue them, treat them, take care of them and look for new homes and owners. And now they are raising money for Atom the dog’s surgery.

Volunteer Olena Frolova told this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“When the Russian invaders blew up the dam on the Dnipro River, we were able to rescue and transport more than 200 animals, half of them dogs. Others were cats. Most of them we were able to place in new homes, found new owners. Some of them are taken in willingly, while others live with us for a long time,” said Olena Frolova.

The volunteer invited everyone to come to the adoption center at Battery 411 on weekends: you can feed the animals or walk with them, or choose a pet.

At the moment, the center is home to Atom, a large white dog found by volunteers in Odesa Oblast. Atom had a shrapnel wound to the head, he underwent surgery in one of the veterinary clinics in Odesa, and now the dog needs another surgery on his hind legs – the joints need to be changed, new artificial ones need to be put in place. That is why Animal SOS Odesa, an animal welfare organization, is now raising money for Atom’s surgery.

“We found Atom in the village of Krasnosilka near Odesa. We went there several times after the shelling by the Russian occupiers. He was walking the streets wounded and hiding somewhere. We did not find him the first time, he was wounded in the head. He underwent surgery immediately, now we will treat his joints, the surgery is scheduled for January 11. It costs 100 thousand hryvnias, we have already raised 45 thousand. The remaining 55 are needed,” said volunteer Elena Leonova.

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