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March 31, 2023, 15:05

About 11,000 Ukrainian personnel worked at ZNPP, before the war now only about 2,000 – Acting Chief Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine

Today, there are almost no Ukrainian licensed managers at Zaporizhia NPP.

Oleh Korikov, Acting Chairman – Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine, made the relevant statement 

He emphasized that before the war and the occupation of ZNPP, about 11 thousand employees worked at the plant.

“I can say that there are almost no licensed senior managers left. Those managers with legitimate authority to make nuclear and radiation safety decisions cannot access ZNPP as the occupiers have it restricted. The legitimate general director and chief plant engineer cannot reach the industrial site. It’s a severe violation of nuclear and radiation safety requirements,” he said.

Oleh Korikov noted that there is still Ukrainian personnel at the plant which directly manage the reactor units. However, their number is insufficient to operate the plant at the power levels.

“The plant is currently in a state of shutdown. All six power units are shut down. The licensed personnel who remain there are enough to keep the plant shut down. As for the Ukrainian personnel currently performing their duties, it is about two thousand people.”

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