October 27, 2023, 18:57

Ability to choose, self-fulfillment and good role models: psychologist on important factors preventing suicides among children

In addition to a number of important factors related to culture and education that can influence children, the adolescents need to be given the opportunity to choose so that they can better understand themselves and their preferences.

Oksana Pisarieva, psychologist at the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation, made this statement during an event at the country’s main discussion platform BrainHub at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“I think that I would add choice, an ability to choose, to these bonds: school, society, community. Because a teenager looks for an answer to the question of who I am and where I belong. And if a teenager has the opportunity to choose, then they understand that it’s cool, that there are so many interesting things, they can try themselves in something, understand that something worked out, something didn’t – and it’s a very supportive environment,” she said.

In addition, the psychologist focused on the issue of role models which the child looks for in the outside world, not only in the family.

“And of course, there are role models. Because as a system the family provides important support. But a child, a teenager looks for support in the external. And who will be these role models? It is good if there are hobbies, sports, singing, drawing, acting courses, etc. But often there is no such thing, and the media space becomes the only such authority. And then children will be created by what they see: YouTube, Tiktok, the cultures they encounter. And here the question is precisely about the child’s education, extracurricular activities – what can we give them, what can they take, what can become a role model for them, where can they find fulfillment? If, to be honest, they find fulfillment, it will help them (children – Ed.) hold on, because why end life by suicide if it is so interesting? Then the value appears in life, and the fear of death grows, there is an understanding that they have a place, and then we are ahead of the curve in our work,” Oksana Pisarieva explained.

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