February 7, 2024, 14:15

A symbol of help and support: “Ukraine in Poland’s Embrace. Realities and Prophecies” book presentation was held in Kyiv.

The presentation of “Ukraine in the Embrace of Poland. Realities and Prophecies” a book by Ukrainian writer, public figure, politician, and diplomat Yurii Shcherbak was given in Kyiv.

While presenting the book at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, Ganna Krasnostup, CEO of the Directorate on Information Policy and Information Security of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine noted that this book is far more than just a symbol of the war unleashed by Russia on Ukraine, it also represents Poland’s relations and assistance to Ukraine. And this book, she is convinced, should get international distribution so as to highlight information about events and phenomena that emerged across the country due to war presently being waged on the territory of Ukraine to foreign partners.

The author of the book, Yurii Shcherbak, considers his literary work to be a document on the distressing events and dire circumstances in which Ukraine found itself due to the all-out invasion of Russia.

According to him, the author’s desire to thank the Poles for their good attitude toward Ukrainians has become an inspiration and bolstered the idea for writing a book. 

“It is very important to me because it has become a document of the appalling circumstances and deplorable situation circumstances in which our nation, our state, has been embroiled after the unlawful invasion of Russia, the aggressor state. And I witnessed an incredible event, it was a biblical exodus of our people—women with children, mostly. I’ve seen how it all happened. Millions of people crossed the border into Poland, and Poland sheltered our people. And this is what the book is about,” Yurii Shcherbak emphasized.

The book “Ukraine in Poland’s Embrace. Realities and Prophecies” is the thirtieth book by Yurii Shcherbak. Currently, it is published in Ukrainian, with 1000 copies printed. However, it is also planned to be published in Polish, since most of the articles and impressions of the author, the book is based on, were printed by the author in the Polish press in Polish.

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