Briefing at Media Center Ukraine-Lviv
April 27, 2023, 13:50

A new excursion route dedicated to Petro Radkovets, a well-known Lviv tourist guide, was presented in Lviv

The author’s tourist route will pass through the central part of the city, including the guide’s favourite locations. The authors have already given the first tour to journalists on Petro Radkovets’ birthday.

“The route runs from the eastern to the western defensive walls, through the medieval city – from the Ruthenian quarter to Rynok Square. We will visit Virmenka, where we will talk about the Lviv hippies with whom Petro Radkovets was associated. Further on, through the Catholic quarter, Latin Cathedral and the Boim Chapel. And we’ll finish on the left bank of the Poltva, which is the Austrian part of old Lviv,” said Diana Borysenko, the author of the excursion route, during a presentation at the Ukraine-Lviv Media Center. At each of the 10 stops, there are mentions of stories related to Radkovets and the peculiarities of his excursions.

“Petro Radkovets was a self-made man. He learned Lviv’s history and became a local historian on his own. He created his image, which has become one of the most prominent Lviv visual images over the past 15 years. I think it is an important moment in the city’s history, and we wanted to record it somehow,” said Omelian Oshchudliak, son-in-law of Petro Radkovets. 

You can find information about the new Petro Radkovets excursion route at the Tourist Information Center on 1A Rynok Square. It was presented on the birthday of a “professional Lviv resident”, as Petro Radkovets jokingly called himself. Today, on 27 April, he would have turned 59. The famous guide died suddenly on 4 February 2023.

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