February 2, 2024, 14:38

93% of Japanese hold negative feelings towards Russia – Ukraine’s Ambassador to Japan

According to a Japanese government public opinion survey, 93% of its citizens have a negative attitude about Russia regarding the war it has unleashed against Ukraine.

“There is an absolute understanding of the situation that exists. As the war in Ukraine nears the two-year mark, Japan consistently expresses more pro-Ukrainian attitudes, and public support has never dropped below 75%, and usually polls show a plurality of 80-82%. According to a newly conducted special research on Japanese views of Russia, I can say that 93% of the Japanese have a negative attitude towards Russia, realizing the atrocities it has been committing in Ukraine. Even compared to 2022, this figure has increased,” the ambassador said.

According to Sergiy Korsunsky, these indicators are very important today, as for many years Japan’s relations with Russia were quite close—the economy and culture were developing, and Russia directed a lot of money on promoting its own products, including cultural ones, such as cinema, theater, ballet, music, etc. But now, he stressed, all of this is practically non-existent.

“On the contrary, Ukrainians have now taken over this place, and I am very pleased with that. But such polls show that things are very clear to Japanese society. And its support is unwavering. I would say, they (the Japanese – Ed.) admire the courage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are incredibly impressed with our resilience, and that is why they are so supportive. Yes, all contacts are important—one at the highest level, at the business level, cultural events, but above all, it is our invincibility as a people who have been holding back this horde for two years,” Sergiy Korsunsky said.

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