January 26, 2024, 14:40

80 percent of Ukrainian citizens use the Internet on a daily basis

80% of Ukrainians go online regularly and spend at least three hours per day with digital media.

The latest data is evidenced by the study “Public opinion and Ukrainians’ views of state electronic services”, which was presented at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“As of the fall, when we conducted the survey, 80% of respondents said their average daily time spent using the internet is at least three hours each day. About 10% report accessing the internet a little less often, but still, they also use the Internet,” said Anton Hrushetskyi, Deputy Director, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. 

Despite the perception that the Internet is used less in rural areas, the survey results show that in villages 74% of citizens use the Internet daily for at least three hours.

The only gap that remains noticeable is by age.

“The figures demonstrate that almost 100% of young people report using the Internet daily and, accordingly, the ability to use online services, but then this figure drops to 30% among the share of people 70 years and older. However, even the fact that a third of our people over 70 can conduct their lives on the Internet is quite a figure. To put those figures in perspective this actually expands the potential of their quality of life through the use of Internet services,” he added.

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