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May 12, 2023, 14:10

53 businessmen from russian Forbes list own 112 companies in Ukraine – Hlib Kenievskyi

Representatives of StateWatch project Hlib Kenievskyi and Roman Steblivskyi presented the first register of russian oligarchs’ assets in Ukraine during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. This register allows analyzing the actual status of assets upon confiscation.

In particular, the register contains information on each oligarch’s total wealth according to the Forbes list, the value of companies’ corporate rights in Ukraine, the date sanctions, when sanctions were imposed, the number of assets and their status.

“We prepared a register, in which we gathered information about russian oligarchs. We counted 53 of them from the Forbes 2021 list, which turned out to have assets in Ukraine. And among such well-known names as Fridman, Deripaska, there are several dozens of little-known people who are recognizable only to russians. Nevertheless, it turned out that even they have a wide network of businesses in Ukraine. These are hotels, these are various shopping malls, these are various networks of stores, various mining companies, which can influence the politics of entire regions in Ukraine and entire energy industries,” Head Hlib Kenievskyi said.

He noted that the obtained data shows that 53 businessmen from the russian Forbes list own 112 companies on the territory of Ukraine. And the estimated total value of their assets is over UAH 6 billion.

“These companies, in our opinion, should be confiscated first. Because these are companies owned by the richest people in russia. And, in our opinion, the richest people of russia are one of the tools of the kremlin, of this war that they started, of other wars that they started, and it is possible that they will start future wars as well. We calculated the authorized capital, the value of corporate rights of these companies, and we saw that they are worth UAH 6 billion. But I want to emphasize that this is, of course, a formal cost,” he added.

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