April 18, 2024, 15:02

500 women and men veterans men have tapped into Ukraine’s grant initiative aimed at kickstarting and expanding their entrepreneurial ventures 

For over a year now, Ukraine has been running a grant initiative aimed at aiding veterans and their families in establishing and growing their enterprises. Presently, 500 veterans, both women and men, have already reaped the rewards of this program.

Olena Melnyk, Deputy Director of the Employment Policy Implementation Department at the State Employment Center, revealed these figures during a recent panel at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Highlighting our recent initiatives, it’s worth noting our ongoing project launched in April of last year, aimed at providing grant support to veterans and their families. Under this program, individuals can access funds ranging from UAH 250,000 to one million to kickstart or expand their own enterprises. What sets this program apart is its favorable terms; once businesses are established and staff are hired, grant repayments are facilitated through payroll taxes. The terms are indeed compelling. To date, 500 veterans, both women and men, along with their family members, have availed themselves of this opportunity,” she remarked.

Olena Melnyk highlighted the diverse array of businesses veterans have launched through the grant program. Alongside trading ventures, veterans have ventured into manufacturing, hub creation, bakeries, cafes, printing, and workshops.

Melnyk voiced optimism for the continued development of grants tailored to female and male veterans in the future.

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