April 16, 2024, 16:17

“33,000 laptops for the Armed Forces of Ukraine” initiative launched in Ukraine and the U.S.

Upon the Main Department of Communications and Cybersecurity of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s initiative, the Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation is starting a campaign in Ukraine and the United States to procure 33,000 new and used laptops for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This initiative was discussed during the presentation at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

According to Evelina Kurilets, Director at Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation, the main goal of the campaign is to provide enough laptops to allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to quickly solve tasks, increase the effectiveness of their communication and transparency of the aid.

“Now we are in a situation where the civil sector wants to lend a helping hand and cover the digital aspect. 10 years of war have shown that digitalization is not only about the speed of transmitting information. It’s about effective communication, it’s about the transparency of aid and the transportation of the incoming aid,” she emphasized.

The Main Department of Communications and Cybersecurity of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the minimum recommended specifications that will help to meet the minimally important or critical needs of the troops.

“If we talk in terms of laptops, then it is an i3 processor, at least the 10th generation. An SSD-type storage device with at least 256 GB, the operating memory should be at least 8,” explained Vladyslav Tymoshenko, Major, officer of the Department for determining the needs for weapons and military communications equipment of the Department of Planning for the provision of communications equipment and property of the Main Directorate of Communications and Cyber Security of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He pointed out that the announced need for 33,000 laptops is based on requests from military units, certain documents and quarterly forms.

“The need is summarized from the requests of all military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in some cases from a component of the Defense Forces. And this (initiative – Ed.) is designed only for the creation and expansion of information and communication systems. That is, 33,000 (laptops – Ed.) are generally required for all existing, available information and communication systems – this will be enough to ensure a certain level of automation,” Vladyslav Tymoshenko added.

It is worth noting that the laptops will be collected not only in Ukraine, as the U.S. is also involved in the campaign. Laptops can be provided by both individuals and legal entities in Ukraine and the U.S. Accordingly, the delivery of equipment to the foundation is possible both in Ukraine and from the U.S.

In order to learn more about the project, recommended specifications, shipping and delivery details, you can follow the link:

Read more: https://mediacenter.org.ua/news