May 30, 2022, 13:01

“262,000 Ukrainians Are Paid Unemployment Benefits,” Director of the State Employment Center of Ukraine

Currently, 308,000 unemployed Ukrainians are registered with the State Employment Center, of whom 262,000 are paid unemployment benefits. Yuliia Zhovtiak, Director of the State Employment Center, described the situation during her briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

“We don’t have any official statistics of how many people are sitting idle at their jobs and how many work remotely. Many people went abroad or to Ukraine’s West and kept working remotely. For this reason, millions of people claimed the internally displaced person status but had not been registered with the employment service,” Yuliia Zhovtiak explained.

According to her, almost 70,000 Ukrainians were placed in new jobs by the State Employment Center after the onset of russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine. She also said that 1% of Ukraine’s businesses would be unable to resume their operation because they were utterly destroyed. However, there are more small and medium-sized businesses that started working again.

“Even a month ago, 40 to 50% of small and medium-sized businesses did not work. According to more recent information, 5 to 7% of them do not operate at the moment,” the Director of the State Employment Center of Ukraine said.

Yuliia Zhovtiak also mentioned that the Government and the State Employment Center prepared new programs to support establishing small and medium-sized businesses.

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