June 14, 2022, 15:21

“229,000 student applicants will take Multi-Subject Test, of whom 28,000 are abroad,”Acting Director of Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment

This year, 229,000 student applicants will take a unified Multi-Subject Test (this year’s version of ZNO External Independent Evaluation test), including 28,000, who are abroad. This was announced during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine by Valerii Boiko, Acting Director of the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment.

He noted that in almost any European country, students will be able to take the unified exam that allows entering a higher education institution.

“As of today, we have covered the whole of Europe. For now, there are countries that have not decisively confirmed their desire to help Ukraine and create temporary examination centers. But we are constantly communicating with foreign colleagues, who make every effort to ensure that 28,000 participants can take the test in the country in which they are,” — Valerii Boiko said.

Before the start of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine, about 300,000 participants were predicted to take the ZNO test.

The Acting Director of the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment also spoke about the innovations of this year’s test. In particular, entrants will take the exam not on paper, but on a computer. The results of the test, listed in the traditional ZNO 200-point scale, will be available on the same day.

In addition, there will be no threshold score for admission to universities.

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