June 15, 2023, 19:19

Yurii Ihnat comments on possibility of occupiers moving “Bal” missile division to Bryansk region

“Bal” air defense system is equipped with modernized Kh-35U missiles, which have an increased range, while the missile itself is smaller and more difficult to detect.

Yurii Ihnat, Spokesperson of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, commenting on the information about the occupiers’ relocating one of “Bal” air defense system divisions to Bryansk region.

“There was information that one division of “Bal” air defense system is moving to Bryansk region, this is a ground-based complex designed to hit surface targets. The missiles that they have there are modernized Kh-35U with an increased range, russists say that it is up to 500 km. I think this is an overestimation, we cannot know for sure what the operational range is. Well, it’s probably 260 km. This is enough to hit certain objects that they want to attack from Bryansk region. The missile of this complex has a warhead of up to 150 kg. If we compare it with the Kh-101 or Kalibr, then those are 400-450 kilograms,” the Spokesman explained.

Yurii Ihnat noted that the missile itself and its radar signature are smaller, and therefore more dangerous, because it is more difficult to detect. In addition, the rocket is designed to fly over water, and thus its path is lower to the ground.

“This is a cruise missile that has the same speed as Kalibr and Kh-101. Its peculiarity is that it has a smaller warhead, it is smaller in size by about one and a half meters compared to typical missiles used by the enemy. The only thing is that its area is smaller, and it can fly lower to the ground. But over land, it will eventually rise higher, and its speed allows us to shoot it down with our means,” he added.

In addition, Yurii Ihnat noted that the aggressor had already used such missiles in attacks on Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

“I want to say right away so as not to appear groundless. Yes, there were cases of shooting it down along the Odesa and Mykolaiv axes. But it is not a confirmed fact that we can shoot it down with anti-aircraft weapons. But its cruising speed is the same as that of a cruise missile, and therefore, I think that with the division that is already stationed there measures will be taken by the military leadership to counter these threats as well,” he said.

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