November 28, 2023, 16:40

Working group tasked with developing guidelines for YouTube to be created in Ukraine, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the Institute of Mass Information are creating a working group that will develop guidelines for YouTube.

Oksana Romaniuk, Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information, made this statement during a discussion at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“This will be a kind of task force that will deal with YouTube. We invite our colleagues who are interested in this to join in. Let’s hammer away at this rock. We hope that in a year we will be able to get together and say that we managed to convince YouTube to change its policies,” she explained.

According to Oksana Romaniuk, the working group will deal with several areas, particularly with language, ethical standards, transparency and responsibility.

“Actually, this is a huge range and scope of issues that need to be clearly worked out and formulated. Therefore, there is a lot of work here,” she added.

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