April 20, 2022, 15:06

We thank the countries for strong support, but Ukraine also needs aircraft – Ex-Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Mr. Drozdov

«I am grateful to all partners supporting Ukraine with providing weapons. In addition, we also need the support with providing us aircraft,» – Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in 2015-2021 Serhii Drozdov said during the presentation of the Buy Me a Fighter Jet initiative at Ukraine Media Center.

«We are now receiving medium-range and long-range anti-aircraft missile systems that allow us to destroy enemy aircraft. However, the issue of supplying the aircraft themselves is currently being resolved,» — Serhii Drozdov says.

Mr. Drozdov also commented on the latest support. According to him, Ukraine received a consignment of equipment for aircraft assembly.

«Our plants are no longer coping, because the infrastructure has been hit hard. Therefore, this assistance will be used to restore and support Ukrainian military aircraft», — Ex-Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said.

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