July 9, 2024, 14:01

We don’t notice them at all: National Olympic Committee on rules for Ukrainian athletes around russians

In order to avoid provocations by the russians and to ensure the safety of Ukrainian athletes, a number of recommendations have been developed regarding the behavior around russian athletes.

Vadym Guttsait, President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, made this statement during a press conference at Media Center Ukraine.

“We worked on this issue, and it was important for us. The recommendations that we developed together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports indicate that we do not shake hands, we do not communicate, we do not take pictures, we do not stand next to them, we do not approach the media (with the russians around) – we do not notice them at all. In such a situation, the safety of our athletes is important to us, so that there is no provocation against our athletes. Therefore, our athletes must also be aware of the environment where they are, so that there is no provocation against our athletes,” he explained.

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