March 16, 2023, 16:32

The first batch of 125-mm shells for tanks delivered to Ukrainian troops — Ukroboronprom spokeswoman

Nataliya Sad, Spokeswoman of the Ukroboronprom, presented a 125-mm shell during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform. The State Concern enterprises have already established the production for our Security and Defense Forces.

The spokeswoman noted that the first batch of shells had already been delivered to the troops under the contract of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Today, there is an acute shortage of tank shells in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the security and defense forces. Therefore, such a shell delivery is significant for us, as it enables our tankers to conduct tank battles, if not for a counterattack, then at least to hold the defensive line,” she emphasized.

Nataliya Sad noted that the tank shell was produced in cooperation with one of the North Atlantic Alliance partner countries, and the production facilities used are located outside the country.

At the same time, the Ukroboronprom spokeswoman spoke about what kind of ammunition the concern has managed to produce so far.

“As of today, we, as Ukroboronprom State Concern, which includes more than 100 defense enterprises, have managed to set up a whole production line of ammunition: 82-mm fragmentation and 120-mm mines, 122-mm and 152-mm artillery shells, and finally shells for the tank, long-awaited by the troops.”

As a reminder, Ukroboronprom has started producing 125-mm shells for the tank gun. It’s the second ammunition the State Concern enterprises to launch the production of in close partnership with a NATO country abroad.

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