December 7, 2023, 16:02

Ukrainians’ worries about corruption tick up by 11% in more than six past months – poll results

Today, three major types of a number of problems are Ukrainian’s primary concerns: armed aggression (96%), corruption (88%), and great destruction in the country (87%). At the same time, compared to the survey in the first wave administered in the spring, the second wave, collected this fall, is more about corruption as one of the major concerns of Ukrainian society increased by 11%, while concerns regarding armed violence and devastating destruction in the war-torn country stand for slightly lower percentages. 

These data were presented by Anastasiya Mazurok, Deputy Executive Director of Operations at Transparency International Ukraine, during a presentation of the study on Ukrainians’ concerns about reconstruction at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“These are quite significant figures in this regard. In general, we see that general public views express some concern regarding the current state and trajectory of the country, and there is a greater demand for issues to care about related to the economic activity in the country and the future in general,” she explained.

At the same time, the poll results show that the overall level of fear and uncertainty about the future of country reconstruction has increased.

The leading factors are the fear of a lack of control by supervisory institutions resulting in emerging corruption fueling criminal activity, the neglect and poor professional practices (79%), corruption schemes to flourishing within reconstruction program (75%), and the scale of disruption would be too serious for handling them (65%).

“Last time, we were struck with the results of Ukrainian people being more afraid of corruption than of war when it comes to the future country’s upcoming reconstruction and how it will be carried out. This time it’s even more uncanny. We see that fears and concerns regarding future reconstruction, the total number of problematic issues that people are afraid of, and the overall level of these fears have increased. People see a significantly broader set of fears that could harm the future successful reconstruction,” noted Anastasiya Mazurok.

It should be stated, that the second wave of a sociological survey was conducted by Info Sapiens on behalf of Transparency International Ukraine assisted by the USAID SACCI project, among the population and mayors on the needs and expectations of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.

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