Дмитро Соломчук, народний депутат України, член Комітету ВРУ з питань аграрної та земельної політики у Медіацентрі Україна, 3 серпня
August 3, 2022, 12:57

Ukrainian farmers must switch to processing of food products — MP Dmytro Solomchuk

The future of the Ukrainian agricultural industry is in the processing of products, as unlike grain exporters, food processing entrepreneurs do not have problems with logistics. They do not export raw materials, but finished products. Dmytro Solomchuk, Member of Verkhovna Rada and a member of Verkhovna Rada’s Agrarian and Land Policy Committee spoke about it at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

“All Ukrainian producers, who are also processors of food products, are even overloaded with work at this point. So, in 3-4 weeks, we will launch a program issuing grants for (establishing and development of) processing enterprises in Ukraine. Now the Ministry of Economy is accepting applications, and we will issue grants. Because if every village is engaged in some kind of processing of anything, of any agricultural products, the village will live. Because 25-30 families will work there. And these are salaries and social benefits, (meaning) the bus will work and the store will be open,” — Dmytro Solomchuk explained.

According to the People’s Deputy, there is currently a great demand for products manufactured in Ukraine all over the world.

“When it says “Made in Ukraine” on the package, it means quality. Denmark wants to open departments of Ukrainian products in all its supermarkets. If you go to German stores, especially organic food stores, there will be Ukrainian products. Because our farmers use 2-2.5 times less fertilizers than European ones,” — the member of Verkhovna Rada’s Agrarian and Land Policy Committee said.

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