Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine
August 22, 2023, 08:30

Ukraine will continue to feed the people of the world, as Russia is unlikely to attack ships in NATO countries territorial waters – MoD

Trade vessels will continue to leave Ukrainian ports with humanitarian missions. This opinion was expressed by Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov at a press conference at the Ukraine Media Centre – Odesa.

“The ship’s recent route from Ukraine to the Bosphorus passed through the territorial waters of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. It is hard to imagine that Russia would dare to attack ships in the territorial waters of three NATO countries at once. That is why we will continue to carry out our humanitarian mission. We have already delivered about 40 tonnes of grain, sunflower oil and various food products from Ukraine to Africa and South Asia. We are feeding the world’s population and will continue to do so with the support of other countries. I am optimistic that we will continue to supply Ukrainian products to different parts of the world through this corridor, using the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey,” Reznikov said.

The defence minister added that the russian fleet is currently not within 100 nautical miles of the Ukrainian coast, hiding its corals closer to novorossiysk and the Kerch Strait.

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