December 6, 2023, 16:49

Ukraine’s agriculture exports are only half of the planned amount 

Today, Ukraine can export only about three million tons of farm and food products.

Dmytro Solomchuk, Member of Verkhovna Rada and Member of Verkhovna Rada’s Agrarian and Land Policy Committee made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“It (the agricultural exports – ed.) totaled quite small in value today. Ukraine sees exports reaching an average of 3 million tons per month, according to the figures. This is 50% of what we should export,” he explained.

According to Mr. Solomchuk, despite Ukraine doing its utmost, it has not yet managed to meet all export obligations.

“It is clear that we have not been able to execute a plan of projected volumes. You can see all the challenges governments face, however, negotiations are underway, and the Armed Forces are ensuring security in the Black Sea. Since September, 200 loaded ships have already left, exporting about 7 million tons, but that’s a several-month output. The farmers getting a decent global market price, freeing up the silos and warehouses to store the new harvest, and monthly exports increasing to 6.5 million tons are the priorities for us. So it is clear that we have not fulfilled this target, and the reasons are not ours, but those of our neighbors and Russian aggression to blame,” he said.

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