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March 15, 2023, 16:13

Ukraine pays UAH 63 million to “Restoration Army” — Tetyana Berezhna

The number of people involved in the “Restoration Army” program is growing exponentially.

Tetyana Berezhna, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform. 

According to her, as of today, 9,500 unemployed people from 14 regions have joined the program.

“We understand that, most likely, next week we will be able to announce that the number of people involved (in the program) has reached 10,000,” — Tetyana Berezhna said.

She also named the top regions of Ukraine in terms of people involved the “Restoration Army” program.

“Poltava region is the undisputed leader here. As of today, 2,800 people have joined community service in this region. In Donetsk region — 1,400, in Kyiv — 1,300, in Sumy — 1,280. The state has already compensated UAH 63 million to persons involved in the “Restoration Army” for the work and community services they had already done.”

As reported, in October 2022, the government announced the launch of the “Restoration Army” project with the goal to involve the temporarily unemployed citizens in the efforts to rebuild the country. As of now, more than 9,000 Ukrainians from 14 regions of the country have joined the project. 

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