May 7, 2024, 14:10

Ukraine kicks off a new educational initiative “Negotiations on Ukraine’s Accession to the EU”

The “ANTS” National Interests Advocacy Network, in collaboration with the “Prometheus” online education platform, has unveiled the “Negotiations on Ukraine’s Accession to the EU” course.

Designed for individuals deeply engaged in Ukraine’s European integration efforts, the course offers comprehensive knowledge and practical negotiation skills, all at no cost.

The announcement was made during a presentation at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Ambassador Jennes de Mol of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine underscored Ukraine’s significant strides in the European integration journey, emphasizing the importance of maintaining this forward momentum.

“This progress must be made methodically, demonstrating continuous advancement. It’s not solely the government’s responsibility, but that of society at large. Our partners, the ANTS NGO, exemplify this belief, and that’s why we support them. We firmly believe that civil society plays a pivotal role here, driving the country toward change. History shows that your nation has implemented reforms, both positive and negative. Ultimately, it hinges on the political determination to enact change. Non-governmental organizations, in fact, enable the government to stay on course, and we’re committed to aiding them in this endeavor,” he emphasized.

An online course, developed by a professional team, aims to inspire citizens interested in European integration to engage in the process and further their development.

“This is precisely one of the key objectives of our organization, ANTS: to connect individuals of integrity, including statesmen, to pursue shared interests, and to nurture young talents. Through witnessing the tangible effects of European integration reforms, young people become advocates for topics that might seem daunting within bureaucratic circles. They are unencumbered by these constraints, which enables them to achieve commendable outcomes,” stated Vasyl Sehin, ANTS’s executive director.

Olena Sas, the Producer of the Course and Project Manager at ANTS, outlined the course structure, which covers the organization of the European Union in legal terms, the process of aligning European legislation with Ukrainian laws, and the mutual responsibilities for both Ukrainians and Europeans in adapting legislation and collaborating in specific fields.

She highlighted the participation of two prominent European figures in the lectures: Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, a sitting member of the European Parliament, and Thun Jansen, a politician from the Netherlands who is currently running for the European Parliament.

The course comprises four modules, each containing 7-12 lectures, with each lecture spanning up to 15 minutes. Upon completion, students will be required to pass a test. Successful test takers will be awarded a certificate.

Registration for the course is now open, and lectures will be made available as registrations come in over the next few days.

According to the representative of the Center for Policy and Legal Reform, lecturer Victoriia Melnyk, different audience members will be able to find something of their own in this course.

“This isn’t just basic education; it’s enlightenment. It offers accessible, socially relevant information for those invested in the future, eager to engage in negotiations, with scientific or research interests, or simply proactive individuals committed to European integration,” she emphasized.

Victoriia Melnyk, lecturer and representative of the Center of Policy and Legal Reform, noted that the course caters to a diverse audience, ensuring that each participant finds something relevant to their interests.

“For some, this course will serve as an introductory primer on EU law, covering institutional structure, legal frameworks, and the distinctions between various legal acts. This foundational knowledge is essential for comprehending our role in negotiation processes and aligning legislation. For those already familiar with EU affairs, the insights shared by European partners will be invaluable, offering unique perspectives to enhance the negotiation process,” she elaborated.

Simultaneously, Daria Gaidai, Deputy Head of the Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, underscored the significance of launching this course at the present juncture. She noted its timeliness, given the escalating interest in European integration processes not only within the civil service but also among the broader public, academia, and youth shaping the nation’s future.

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